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Lucius Beach

Founder & CEO Lucius Enterprises, LLC/Sic-Tone ProductionsExecutive
Skype: lucius.beach Website: Commercial Production Credits
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Lucius Beach is the founder and current CEO of Sic-Tone Productions. Starting his career as the founder and CEO of Hbound Records, Inc in 1999 Lucius has been silently moving through the music industry as of today. In 2005, Lucius disbanded Hbound Records and founded Sic-Tone Productions once recognizing that he would rather produce music than be an artist.

In 2005, Lucius contacted The Dirtball of Suburban Noize Records as a fan. The Dirtball heard a instrumental on Lucius’ Myspace page, loved it, and that kick started their work together for the Raptillion Album Project with Lucius producing 4 tracks.

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